Wall-E’s Jail Time

They say spending time in the slammer can change you.. of course I wouldn’t know from personal experience, but our dog Wall-E knows first hand. For those of you who haven’t kept up with my personal blog, let me update you.


Wall-E (yes, named after the Disney movie..cause we’re cool like that) is our adorable boxer. He was my first Christmas present to ever give Jordan.┬áHe was cute, funny & seemed to be a pretty good dog….until he went bad. He has since destroyed 2 crates, a chain link fence, 2 pairs of sandals, our bathroom door and a few other things I just can’t think of right now. Not to mention his love for the trash can and running away. If you read my last post on my old blog, you know that we were up in the air with what to do with Wall-E. We had no way of containing him in our yard, and didn’t want to spend tons of money on a fence (that he may or may not find a way to break through…I mean this is the dog that has chewed through a DOOR and a CRATE before). Jordan wasn’t so fond of him after all of his escapades, and rightly so. Being the dog lover that I am, I wanted to find a way to keep him.

Then Wall-E went to doggie-jail. That is, he ran away from home and got picked up by animal control, where he spent that night. After that, I convinced begged Jordan to let me buy a wireless fence. Not the dig under ground kind, but the kind where you plug it into the wall and set a radius from PetSafe. Since then we’ve experienced freedom. We’ve even gone out of town for the weekend and left him in our yard the whole time (of course we had people feeding him).

He still has his issues, but he have enjoyed sitting on our front porch with him & not having him on a leash in fear of him running away or chasing a squirrel.

Here’s a couple pictures of Wall-E and his newfound freedom.


Look mom, no leash!:)

May 29, 2011 - 1:01 pm

Jared Stailey - Thanks for sharing.

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