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Greystone Country Club Wedding | Lindsey + Colby

Lindsey and Colby’s wedding day was nothing short of beautiful! You’d never know from looking at the photos that this was an incredibly hot & humid day with rain.These two and their families and friends were troopers outside taking these photos and even made it fun! Everyone was so happy to see these two come together in marriage and we were honored to capture it!

Enjoy a little preview of their day!:)

Lindsey was such a GORGEOUS bride!

First look time!

Lovely onlookers! 

Lindsey’s dress was awesome and she looked amazing in it! 

Just Married!! 

We got such beautiful light after the ceremony!

Greer’s Take Disney Part 3 | Day 2 in Magic Kingdom

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Getting There

Day 1 – Magic Kingdom

On day 2 we woke up and headed straight to Magic Kingdom for another fun day in my favorite park!

We didn’t go anywhere for breakfast on most days; I just ate a protein bar and AK had cereal, applesauce and milk. It was quick and easy, and most of the time can be eaten while on the go. I’m glad I packed plenty of food. We were able to buy milk at the general store in the resort.

Our stroller is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT and it was PERFECT for Disney World. In fact, we registered for this before AK was born with Disney World in mind. It folds quickly to make shuttle riding much easier, and it lays back for nap time. Not to mention the tires make for a smoother ride. We couldn’t have been happier with stroller.



Our first fast pass of the day was for Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid. We got right on the ride and it was one AK could enjoy.

AK riding with her G-Paw.


After this we rode The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It was a cute ride, but I’m pretty sure the kids enjoyed all the activities they have set out while waiting in line just as much.  As you can tell I didn’t use my “real” camera much during this trip, but I took it out while we were waiting.

Next we headed to our next fast pass and one of my favorites, Space Mountain. The little girls went to enchanted tales with Belle. AK stayed with her G-Paw while we rode, and we used his fast pass to get a rider swap so 3 others from the group could go ride it later. Once again, rider swap is awesome and you can use it to your advantage! Space Mountain never disappoints!

After riding Space Mountain we headed to lunch. We were all super excited for this because we had reservations at the Be Our Guest restaurant! Since Be Our Guest is relatively new, it’s very difficult to get reservations, so shout out once again to Jordan and Rachel for awesome planning.

Be Our Guest was great! I had a one of their sandwiches on gluten-free bread and I have to say it was pretty good. I love Disney world because they cater to EVERYONE; they even have gluten-free desserts at their restaurants. Jordan tried the ‘gray stuff”, and says it was delicious! One of the best parts of Be Our Guest was the atmosphere because it made you feel like you were in the movie, Beauty and the Beast.

After lunch we decided to walk Anna Kate around in the stroller to see if she’d nap while the others went to other rides and attractions. One thing I was most nervous about when taking AK to Disney was nap time. She is not one to just nap anywhere and had NEVER napped in her stroller before so we weren’t sure if I would be heading back to the room for 2-3 hours each day or not.

Lo and behold she fell asleep!! I was amazed.

While she napped we strolled around. What I love about Disney, and more specially Magic Kingdom, is that you don’t have to be riding anything to be entertained. I thoroughly enjoyed just walking around. We took this time to use some of our snacks from our dining plan.:)

I finally got to try the famous Dole Whip.

I’m not a big fruity-flavored person but this was AMAZING. You can trust this wasn’t the only Dole whip we got during this trip. 😉

Once Anna Kate woke up we rode the Buzz Light Year ride, which, of course, turned into somewhat of a competition. Here’s a little secret about the Greer family, anything and everything will probably be turned into a competition in some way, shape or form.

Can you spot AK in Jordan’s lap?

I noticed the wait time for meeting Mickey was only 20 minutes, so before heading to dinner, we took Anna Kate to meet her favorite character. I would’ve waited in line for 1,000 minutes to see her reaction. Okay so many not 1,000 minutes, but you get the point. This Mickey was really neat because he would actually talk. He would ask questions and answer yours. He pointed out Anna Kate’s Minnie Mouse and said “Oh Look, a mini Minnie!”. She was starstruck. She tends to be on the shy side, so she didn’t know whether to smile or cry, but she LOVED it! She even gave him a hug and kiss.

We got to see Mickey again when we went to dinner at Chef Mickey’s. The food was pretty good for a buffet, but nothing compared to a lot of the other places we went. What makes Chef Mickey’s worth it is getting to see a lot of the characters in one meal. She once again met Mickey, but this time along with Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. There were others but those are all I can remember. Anna Kate was mesmerized, but didn’t care to go near the others except for Mickey and Minnie.

Anna Kate used Jordan’s old signature book from when he was little. I thought it was sweet, and Jordan was happy because it saved a little $ (I mean, who spends all that money on a trip but doesn’t want to spend $10 on a book? Jordan, that’s who. And that’s why we’re good together, because he’s a saver and I’m a spender). 

After dinner we were all tired and ready for bed. We had a big day at Epcot planned for the next day.:)


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Day 1 – Magic Kingdom







Anniston Wedding | Meg + Gaines

It was incredibly hot last Saturday, but Meg, Gaines and their wedding party and families were troopers. Everyone was so excited to see these two tie the knot! It was simply beautiful!

I loved the gold sparkly theme and how Meg incorporated little gold touches everywhere.

They were married at Golden Springs Baptist Church in Anniston, with their reception at the Anniston Country Club.

Here are some of my favorites from the day.:)


So pretty!



First married selfie!

We were so glad to have captured this light! So pretty!

Meg and her dad’s dance wasn’t your traditional father/daughter dance, and I loved it!

Meg’s dad knows his fireworks! It was the perfect touch to a perfect day!

Greer’s Take Disney Part 2 | Day 1 at Magic Kingdom

If you haven't gotten a chance to read how this trip came about and how we managed to
fly with our 18month old, click here to read part 1.

We made it!   

Once we landed, we took the Magic Express shuttle to our hotel, ate lunch in the dining hall, then headed to Magic Kingdom! Anna Kate and I may or may not have went to the room for a quick nap before joining everyone at the park ;).  One of the great things about staying in the resort is that we didn’t have to carry our luggage around. Disney deliver’s it straight to your hotel room, so you can head straight to the park without having to take stuff to your room.We stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans – Riverside in one of their Royal Princess Rooms and LOVED it! It’s a Princess Tiana themed room with little touches from all the Disney Princess movies. The best part was the headboards displayed a firework show when you press a button; AK’s favorite part.:)


What more magical way to start your Disney vacation than to start with MAGIC Kingdom? This is and will always be my favorite park. Anna Kate wasn’t quite sure what to think when we arrived. There were people everywhere, characters and all kinds of things to look at. I was a little nervous she’d be scared of all the people and noises, but once she saw her big cousins she was right at home.

We had to take a photo in front of the castle. If we look exhausted, it’s because we were! Excited, happy, but exhausted!

AK and cousins Emily and Elyse.

All cousins in one picture! Avery, Ella, Emily, Elyse, Anna Kate, Cooper, and Raylee

We had fast passes for the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train first. Most of the kids could ride this with the exception of Ella and Anna Kate. This is when we first used the Rider Swap, and let me tell you, whoever created that was a genius (or some kind soul who had parents of young children in mind?)!

For those wondering, here’s how it works: We got in line (since we had Fast Passes, we got in the fast pass line), and once at the front we told them we needed 2 rider swap passes since we had 2 that couldn’t ride. They handed us 2 tickets, which went to the 2 people staying with the little kids. Everyone else rode the ride, then as soon as we were off, the people with rider swap passes can go ride anytime that want to that day (immediately or later on) and each can bring 2 people with them to ride! That meant they didn’t have to ride by themselves, they could take 2 additional people even if those people have already ridden. This essentially gave us 2 extra fast passes for each rider swap we did. We found ourselves doing this a lot just so some of the older kids could ride their favorite rides twice, once with mom, then dad. I’m telling you, rider swap was awesome!

Riding the 7D Mine Train (not sure what’s up with my hands?)


After riding the 7D Mine Train, we walked around and caught a little of the “Dream Along with Mickey” show at Cinderella’s Castle, then headed on a boat ride to the Polynesian Resort for dinner.

Anna Kate seeing Mickey for the first time from afar.

could. not. get. close. enough.

Ohana’s = Amazing and a MUST DO! They even had a wonderful gluten free menu for me (as did most places at Disney). Everything was delicious!

Famous bread pudding that I did not eat.. only admired from afar.:)

After dinner we went back to Magic Kingdom, rode the teacups, did a few more things, then went to our next Fast Passes, the Main Street Electrical parade and Wishes Nighttime Spectacular firework show. Fast Passing these two was a GREAT choice, because we got preferred seating for both and were able to “get it out of the way” the first night. We were right up front for the parade and could see the fireworks (those that were awake 😉 ) perfectly! The kids LOVED them! It was the perfect way to end the first night at Disney World!!

Blurry, but pretty much all we got! AK and Ella were having fun at the parade!

By the end of the firework show, several of the kids were asleep (including AK). It was the longest she’d ever stayed up! We took the shuttle back to our hotel, got ready for bed and were asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. It was an exhausting and fun-filled day, and we knew we had another coming up the next morning!

Huntsville Wedding | Jodi + Austin

 We’re in the middle of wedding season and it seems like every weekend we’re in a different city, which is exciting!  Last weekend we were in Huntsville for Jodi and Austin’s wedding and I always forget how much I love that city. The downtown area is so charming!

Jodi and Austin were married at the same church where Jodi’s parents were married, St Mary of the Visitation. Their reception was at the Roundhouse Depot. Jodi and Austin are such a sweet couple and it was so much fun to capture their most special day!

You will see in pictures how adorable these two are!:)

First looks are my favorite!

Sweet Tucker made an appearance!

Jodi’s smile is contagious! So beautiful! 

Jordan captured this shot right as they left the church. So sweet! 

This baby was too cute not to capture! 

Loved the balloons behind Jodi’s cake! 

M o r e   i n f o