Greer’s Take Disney Part 2 | Day 1 at Magic Kingdom

If you haven't gotten a chance to read how this trip came about and how we managed to
fly with our 18month old, click here to read part 1.

We made it!   

Once we landed, we took the Magic Express shuttle to our hotel, ate lunch in the dining hall, then headed to Magic Kingdom! Anna Kate and I may or may not have went to the room for a quick nap before joining everyone at the park ;).  One of the great things about staying in the resort is that we didn’t have to carry our luggage around. Disney deliver’s it straight to your hotel room, so you can head straight to the park without having to take stuff to your room.We stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans – Riverside in one of their Royal Princess Rooms and LOVED it! It’s a Princess Tiana themed room with little touches from all the Disney Princess movies. The best part was the headboards displayed a firework show when you press a button; AK’s favorite part.:)


What more magical way to start your Disney vacation than to start with MAGIC Kingdom? This is and will always be my favorite park. Anna Kate wasn’t quite sure what to think when we arrived. There were people everywhere, characters and all kinds of things to look at. I was a little nervous she’d be scared of all the people and noises, but once she saw her big cousins she was right at home.

We had to take a photo in front of the castle. If we look exhausted, it’s because we were! Excited, happy, but exhausted!

AK and cousins Emily and Elyse.

All cousins in one picture! Avery, Ella, Emily, Elyse, Anna Kate, Cooper, and Raylee

We had fast passes for the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train first. Most of the kids could ride this with the exception of Ella and Anna Kate. This is when we first used the Rider Swap, and let me tell you, whoever created that was a genius (or some kind soul who had parents of young children in mind?)!

For those wondering, here’s how it works: We got in line (since we had Fast Passes, we got in the fast pass line), and once at the front we told them we needed 2 rider swap passes since we had 2 that couldn’t ride. They handed us 2 tickets, which went to the 2 people staying with the little kids. Everyone else rode the ride, then as soon as we were off, the people with rider swap passes can go ride anytime that want to that day (immediately or later on) and each can bring 2 people with them to ride! That meant they didn’t have to ride by themselves, they could take 2 additional people even if those people have already ridden. This essentially gave us 2 extra fast passes for each rider swap we did. We found ourselves doing this a lot just so some of the older kids could ride their favorite rides twice, once with mom, then dad. I’m telling you, rider swap was awesome!

Riding the 7D Mine Train (not sure what’s up with my hands?)


After riding the 7D Mine Train, we walked around and caught a little of the “Dream Along with Mickey” show at Cinderella’s Castle, then headed on a boat ride to the Polynesian Resort for dinner.

Anna Kate seeing Mickey for the first time from afar.

could. not. get. close. enough.

Ohana’s = Amazing and a MUST DO! They even had a wonderful gluten free menu for me (as did most places at Disney). Everything was delicious!

Famous bread pudding that I did not eat.. only admired from afar.:)

After dinner we went back to Magic Kingdom, rode the teacups, did a few more things, then went to our next Fast Passes, the Main Street Electrical parade and Wishes Nighttime Spectacular firework show. Fast Passing these two was a GREAT choice, because we got preferred seating for both and were able to “get it out of the way” the first night. We were right up front for the parade and could see the fireworks (those that were awake 😉 ) perfectly! The kids LOVED them! It was the perfect way to end the first night at Disney World!!

Blurry, but pretty much all we got! AK and Ella were having fun at the parade!

By the end of the firework show, several of the kids were asleep (including AK). It was the longest she’d ever stayed up! We took the shuttle back to our hotel, got ready for bed and were asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. It was an exhausting and fun-filled day, and we knew we had another coming up the next morning!

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