Gender Reveal | It’s a…

girl!!! : )

 We can’t wait for all the shopping adventures, playing dress up and princess movies!! It’s crazy how much we love this little girl already!

I’m wayyyy behind on this post (being that we found out in April), so this is our gender reveal story.

For some reason, up until that moment when the ultrasonographer said the words “It’s a girl”, I just knew this baby was a boy. I had been having dreams that she was a boy and for some reason I thought this was definitely a boy growing inside of me. Talk about a mother’s intuition, ha! When we found out she was a girl, I think Jordan and I were both shocked (I had convinced him too that she was a boy), and thrilled none the less!

God knows exactly what we need.

We can’t wait to meet our little girl at the end of the summer!

We had already been planning our gender reveal party for weeks, so we had two days to plan the “reveal” and order a cake. I can’t describe to you how difficult it is to keep a secret that everyone wants to know and you can’t wait to shout it to the rooftops.

We had our family and friends over for a back yard BBQ (catered by the always scrumptious Saw’s BBQ), delicious cake, and fun. We put together a “homemade” photobooth for everyone to make their predictions before the big reveal (and just to have fun with afterwards).

When it was time to “reveal” the gender, had friends and family throw darts at a bouquet of black balloons. Only one of the balloons contained the confetti that would reveal the gender, the others were empty. I was so glad to have Lexie of LYB Photos there to capture the reactions!

When it was over, we all had a little fun in the photobooth, especially the kids.

“She” has a name now… Anna Katherine, and will be called Anna Kate. This is a name I have loved for years and has never gotten “old” to me. We went through what seemed like a million names and always came back to this name. So Anna Kate it is. : )

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that nursery madness has already begun, and I will be posting photos when it is complete. Here is a little “instagram” peek of some details…

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