february happenings


Jordan and I have started eating a paleo diet… right before my BIRTHDAY and VALENTINE’S DAY. Not cool. We’ve managed to have some pretty good meals though. It’s just lunch time and weekends that are difficult.

Or when I see a pizza commercial…

Ryann turned 7 months on the 7th.. which happens to be the day before my birthday (helllo 29) and on my sisters birthday.. so happy birthday to us!

Ryann is FINALLY sleeping. Pretty much on the regular now and I’m forever grateful. She’s sitting up and saying “dada-dadadadada” all the time.

We love that little sweetheart. Speaking of sweetheart.. Jordan did way too much for Valentine’s this year.. as usual. He spoiled the girls and me.

In return, I made him a steak dinner and a paleo chocolate pie. Cooking and baking paleo really is a labor of love. Nothing is easy or cheap that is paleo.


So this happened…

I’ve warned Jordan in the past that if anyone ever had a box of free puppies in the Walmart parking lot then he’d be in trouble. I didn’t know how weak I was until I actually saw one.. he’s lucky I didn’t come home with the whole box.

He knew who I was when he married me though.

Anna Kate is in love anyways.

She named her Fuli, and if you’re familiar with the Lion Guard then you’ve heard that name before. I swear this kid is me made over.. I had like 3 puppies named Nala (from Lion King) when I was a girl.

Anyway, she has played outside more than ever before, so that’s great.


Here are a few other happenings (and I realize most photos of my girls together are in shopping carts.. not sure why):

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