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Who takes their 6 month old baby and 3 year old to Disney World without reinforcements (the grandparents)? Who takes their 6 month old on a plane with an EAR INFECTION?!

The answer to both of those questions is US.

Yeah, so we booked this vacation before we knew Ryann wasn’t as “easy-going” of a baby as Anna Kate was. Lets be honest, Anna Kate was a RARE baby. Slept through the night before we really knew what being kept up all night was actually like. Hardly ever cried. The paci cured all for her. We could’ve traveled around the world with her, no problem.

We suspected this trip wasn’t going to be so easy with Ryann, but we didn’t expect her to have an ear infection. We didn’t even realize she had one until a few days in when she started running a low grade fever. It explained a lot, including the absolutely horrible flight to Orlando (poor passengers). This resulted in finding a shuttle to the closest Urgent Care (and thanks to Ryann’s constant crying we were seen rather quickly) and her first and only anti-biotic so far.

Anyway, other than that MAJOR set back, it was an amazing trip. It was our first solo vacation as a family of 4. Lots of memories were made! Due to the fact that one of us was consoling a baby pretty much the entire trip, we didn’t take many photos of our own. Thankfully we had purchased Memory Maker and got some photos to prove we were there. Ha! We did a memory maker share and got it for around $25!

Jordan got us an awesome deal staying on the monorail.. and let me tell you… MONORAIL=GAME CHANGER. We stayed in a Deluxe Suit at the Polynesian and it was pretty much they best place I’ve ever stayed… ever. I mean, we were feet away from Ohana!?! Yum! Anna Kate enjoyed the pool and splash pad.. she even went down the water slide all by her self a million times.

Enjoy the few iPhone photos we took followed by the Memory Maker slideshow.:)


Driving to the airport…. bright and early and full of excitement!


Anna Kate was GREAT on the flight. Thankfully.

Ryann pretty much screamed the entire time. Everything I knew about flying with an infant went out the window. She wouldn’t nurse and nothing would console her. Even the poor flight attendant tried to hold her and bounce her, but no luck. We didn’t realize her ears must’ve been killing her. We were all relieved when we landed and Ryann finally fell asleep!

We decided to head down a day early so the first night we stayed at Pop Century and took a tour of the new-ish Art of Animation.



We hit up Disney Springs the first night then rested up for Magic Kingdom the next day.


We park hopped most of the trip but day one is always, always, always full of Magic Kingdom!


Anna Kate’s first time riding 7D!


Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid


Success – This lasted for about 30 minutes…


Tomorrowland Speedway



So glad we got to see Wishes one more time before they retired it!


WORN SLAP OUT on her favorite ride… The People Mover!


Thank God for the Monorail!


And we made it to the Poly (we didn’t stay in the bungalows, but aren’t they pretty?)!




Best part of staying at the Polynesian? DOLE WHIP!


We went to Animal Kingdom then Jordan took Anna Kate to Magic Kingdom for some magic hour fun.

IMG_7813IMG_7822IMG_7862Hollywood Studios

AK wasn’t feeling the photos here…


I realized the photos I’m posting are of the poorest quality and not everyone is happy or making the best face.. but they’re real and tell the truth about how our trip went (LOL) and they’re all we have.. sooooo….


This is how you entertain your 3 year old while you take turns riding Tower of Terror (my FAVE ride)



IMG_7923IMG_7927This could’ve been a great photo op but….yeah..


I pretty much became a pro at nursing in public and Ryann and I took many trips on the People Mover for feedings.

We used Disney’s Baby Center several times a day for nursing, diaper changes and so much more.

Over all I’d do this trip (it was NOT a vacation, definitely a trip) again a million times over (if we could just take out the ear infection, that’d be nice). It was stressful, but more fun than you can imagine. Anna Kate was a trooper and had the best time. I love my little family to the moon and back.

Here’s to many more memories as a family! And hopefully more at WDW!

Now a slideshow of photos from Memory Maker:

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