An Adoption Story | Ella Huan Hope Greer

I have an incredible joy in my heart as I share this video. I can’t explain the excitement I have for Brandon & Meredith (and kiddos) as they welcome sweet Ella Huan Hope Greer. She makes the perfect addition to an already amazing family.

I can’t find the words to describe this so I’m just going to copy my description of the video from Vimeo:

Brandon and Meredith’s life was the life they had dreamed of… a great marriage, wonderful families, and two beautiful children (a boy a girl- what they had always wanted). Brandon was growing his business, and Meredith loved her job teaching Kindergarten. They were content and happy, but something was missing. They felt God calling them to a bigger purpose; something bigger than the “American Dream”. Not knowing what this was, they obediently began praying and seeking God’s will for their lives. It was then that God begin stirring the idea of adoption in the hearts. He dealt with them both, individually. They began hearing stories and seeing things that would pull at their heart strings. Both Brandon and Meredith heard His calling, but still needed affirmation that this was indeed His perfect plan for them. It wasn’t until Brandon finally brought it up to Meredith, assuming she would “think he was crazy”. Little did he know what her reaction would be. Realizing that God had been speaking to them both gave them what they needed to start this unbelievable journey. It was God’s way of showing them both that it was He who called them to go on this adventure that would not only transform their lives, but the life of a beautiful little girl just needing HOPE.

We were thrilled to capture this story for them and we hope it touches you as much as it does us. Ella Huan Hope Greer is not only a blessing to our family, but to every person who has had the honor of praying, contributing and witnessing this miracle happen. We hope it inspires you to seek God’s will for your life, knowing that the outcome will be way better than you could’ve ever imaged.

Follow their story:

Greer Adoption Story from Yellow House Photography on Vimeo.

January 17, 2013 - 2:14 am

Danielle Davis Overton - So sweet

January 17, 2013 - 2:25 am

Erica Nichole Graves - I just cried my eyes out

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